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See, Click, Fix: Railroad crossing complaints

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Cross the railroad tracks on North Ames Street at West Charles, and drivers say you're in a for a ride that could result in an unexpected car repair bill.

The viewer who posted the problem on our See, Click, Fix page said,"The grade is too high for the street and should be properly repaired. There are numerous vehicles being damaged..."

This is what we saw. There are dips in the crossing that's causing a less than smooth ride. As each car passed you can see the vehicle does, not one, but two dips! Our presence, we believe, caused drivers to slow down.

But there are visible signs in the asphalt that look like scrapes from a fender or bumper. Signs that drivers are possibly underestimating the speed limit.

The railroad lines belong to CSX. It's who we directly contacted to see what can be done to get this see, click, fixed!

CSX responded by saying it has inspected this site. The company's final analysis is that there is not a safety issue here.

But if you ever have property damage, there is a form on its website you can fill out and the company states it will contact you within 7 business days.

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