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Restraining order filed to stop speed cameras in Elmwood Place


A restraining order was filed in Hamilton County Common Pleas Court on Thursday asking a judge to stop the operations of the "Robo-cameras" in Elmwood Place.

Those are the cameras that catch speeders through the village.

"We're going to say, ‘Judge, what they're doing out here is wrong. Please stop it, and stop it now,'" said attorney Mike Allen. "It's wrong because you have senior citizens who can't pay these fines. You have people who have attempted to pay them and can't pay them. You have equipment that's not properly calibrated. You have streets that are not properly signed. The list goes on and on and on and we're going to ask a judge to stop it."

The cameras clock vehicles that pass by the stationary units, and if they're speeding, a photo is taken of the vehicle's license plate.

An independent company then sends tickets for $105 to the owner of the vehicle.

Since the practice began, Elmwood Place has issued some 14,000 tickets.

The practice has created controversy but the village's police chief says it's staying.

"We didn't invent this wheel and this wheel is not going to stop," said William Peskin. "It's just going to continue to roll along. It's a way of life on the east coast, and it's slowly moving its way west, and we're just at that point in time where it's just got here".

A judge will hear the request within the next few weeks.

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