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Students get a pass on taking the EOC test?


Some Charlotte - Mecklenburg school (CMS) students may get a pass on scoring well on that all important End of Course test better known as the EOC.

The state Department of Instruction informed CMS since it is changing the test, results won't be ready until October 2013.

CMS school board members say by that time, students would have graduated and started their first semester of college. CMS still uses the EOC as a requirement for graduation.

Board members are thinking about not using the results as a requirement. So if approved it won't matter what students get on the test, they will still graduate or go to the next class.

CMS still uses the EOC as a requirement. Officials thought having the EOC as a requirement would put more weight on a CMS high school diploma.

Without the EOC, we wanted to know would the diploma still be as valuable.

"It changes for this year," School Board member Tom Tate said. "But it doesn't cheapen it. We are still going to have the graduation requirements in terms of credits and they are going to have to pass the courses they are going to take."

The absence of the test results not only favors graduating seniors, but for all students who take an EOC class. EOC tests are given in Algebra 1, English 1, and Biology.

This year nearly 12,000 CMS students take an EOC class in Algebra, about 10,000 students take it for English and a little more than 11,000 students take the EOC class in Biology.

CMS school board members are scheduled to vote on this measure in December.

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