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Man accused of robbing family while they buried their child faces judge

Good afternoon, Maureen O'Boyle here in the WBTV newsroom where it's been a busy day for our reporters.

Imagine coming home from your baby's funeral to find your home's been broken into.  And to make this tragedy even more outrageous, police say the man who did it is the same person who performed CPR on your little son!?  Bobby Milam was in court today, and so was WBTV's David Whisenant.  We'll tell you what happened before the judge and why the victims aren't happy with how the case was handled.

Our Steve Ohnesorge joined firefighters on the front lines as they work to contain a wildfire that continues to grow.  He'll update their progress at five.

If you've fallen in love with your high speed 4G network you're not alone.  But with this new connectivity comes new concern.  Kristen Miranda is Protecting Your Cyberturf with a cautionary tale we can all learn from.

We're also looking ahead to the weekend forecast.  Will the dry conditions continue?  Kelly Franson has your First Alert Forecast at 5:00.

I hope you'll join Paul Cameron, me and the entire WBTV news team for those stories and your best coverage of breaking news at 5:00.

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