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York police warning of utility bill scam over the phone


The York Police Department received two similar complaints where someone from out of the area was attempting to defraud them over the telephone on Tuesday.
In both instances a man called the individual businesses claiming to be a representative of Duke Power Company and stated that the business was behind on their utility bill and power to the business would be disconnected if not paid immediately. 

Fortunately, one of the businesses did not follow through with the request, but the other did.  The business owner was instructed to go to a local pharmacy or grocery store and wire funds immediately to avoid loss of service.

We do not want anyone else to fall prey to this sort of fraud, so we are asking your assistance in getting the message out.  If anyone calls claiming to be from Duke Power, or any other business, always take their name, call back number and get as much information as to exactly what they are calling you about.  They should already have your name, account number, and other personal or business information and not need to ask you for this. 

Once you have this information call the company's number you get from the phone book, or from another reliable source, not the one they just gave you, and verify what they are telling you and who they are.  If you have not received prior communication stating that your service is in jeopardy of being disconnected, this should raise a red warning flag.

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