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Charlotte man leaves day job to follow passion


Do you ever get tired of the weekly nine to five grind and daydream of quitting your job to follow your passion?

Well one Charlotte man did it.

He quit his job as an engineer in January.

"I was ready for a new challenge," said Chris Meade.

After his children were born Chris was ready to spend more time at home.

"They love stuffed animals I have this idea for this business that I've been sitting on why don't we put them together," said Meade.

The idea is Genetipetz. It celebrates both science and diversity.

Genetipetz takes the best parts from the animals and combines them.

"I am holding a Zebugraphant," said Cavan Meade. 

"It's one of the top Genetipetz and it's a mix of a lady bug, and elephant and a zebra."

And it's a business his 11 and eight year old sons understand.

"It's a very good experience to be able to do this," said Cavan. 

"It is stuffed animals, who wouldn't want to do it?"

"I'm really excited like mixing up stuffed animals and just you want to hug them a lot," said Jackson Meade.

Add to that a little bit of creativity and voila, their basement is now designing headquarters.

"This is our concepts where the patterns for the different fabrics so we know how to cut them." said Jackson. 

"And this shows models just to give you an inspiration for what type of animal you want."

Chris's goal is to teach his kids how to start a business from the bottom up with an entrepreneurial state of mind.

"Our goal is to reach 20 thousand dollars," said Cavan. 

Reporter: What are you hoping to do with your first paycheck, do you get a paycheck?

"That's a question you should ask our dad," said Jackson.

And to never be afraid to chase your dreams.

"By being bold and courageous you can take an idea and make it a reality and that's a principle in both science and business," said Meade.

The concept and design phases of Genetipetz are 100% complete.

They are ready to move to the next phase, manufacturing.

Their stuffed animals are cut, assembled, sewn, stuffed, packaged and shipped from the U.S.

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