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City asks planning board to review rules that outlaw Frosty


Frosty the Snowman may be a favorite of children but city officials in Lenoir aren't too happy with the giant snowman today.

A huge inflatable Frosty used by a business to attract customers to a Christmas tree lot violated the city's temporary banner ordinance, say officials and must be taken down.

Larry Smith, an Avery County tree grower says he won't. "Frosty has been here for 20 some odd years and has never been a problem before," said Smith. "Children and grownups too love to see it."

Smith said his family has operated the Christmas tree lot on Morganton Boulevard for decades and doesn't think he should be told now to change what he has done all that time.

City Manager Lane Bailey said he understands but rules are rules. The ordinance is important to maintain a standard for all businesses, he said.

"We have to follow the codes," he said.  Larry Smith said he was informed by code enforcement officers that he will be fined $50 a day if the giant Frosty the Snowman is not deflated and taken away.

Smith said Monday that Frosty will stay and he will pay the fines if needed.

Some of his customers asked if they could help out and they set up a "Save Frosty Fund" with a box for donations at the tree lot. The box was filled with money when it was checked Monday morning.

Smith said he would use whatever is in the box to pay the fines, if indeed levied by the city. "Anything more than is needed, I will donate to hospice," he said.

Smith said Frosty will stay up until the Christmas tree selling season is over.

On Thursday, Lenoir City Council decided that the planning board should review the rules regarding seasonal signs and banners to see if any changes need to be made.

The planning board's next meeting is December 17th.

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