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Salvation Army brings couple together


J.J. Johnson was down on his luck when he came to Charlotte from Georgia looking for work.

"The bell ringer job came open first," said J.J. on getting his first paying job serving as a Salvation Army Bell Ringer.

Everyday he would hop on board a van with other bell ringers, headed to their respective kettles scattered all over town.

Shay was driving the van.

"He always sat against a wall, against a big window," she said.

For two weeks the two barely spoke. It was the last day of the kettle drive, December 24th, when J.J. decided to "try his luck".

"I kept saying to myself if I don't say nothing now I'll never see her again."

He asked for her phone number and to make a short story even shorter, the two were married on July 2nd, 2010.

Check out the video to see what makes their marriage so strong.

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