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Kid wants to make Cam his back-up in new NFL commercial

A new commercial featuring Carolina Panther quarterback Cam Newton is going viral and is quickly becoming one of the most talked about ads during the Thanksgiving holiday.

The ad, from the National Football League's Play 60, had lots of people laughing during Thanksgiving football play.

It features Newton and a young boy, who caught the attention of people on social media sites, such as Twitter and Facebook.  The video has gotten more than a half-million views on YouTube since it was posted three days ago.

The boy is standing in a Charlotte-area park and thanks Cam for coming to his school.  He then promises to exercise and eat right.

Newton, standing in front of a school bus with a "Play 60" banner draped on the side, is seen standing outside of Charlotte's Bank of America stadium. He reminds the youngster to not forget his "60 minutes of play a day."

This is when the hilarity ensues.

Kid: Then I'll grow up to be big and strong, like you?
Cam: Absolutely.
Kid: And play in the NFL?
Cam: Yes sir
Kid: And be drafted number one?
Cam: Maybe?
Kid: And become the starting quarterback of the Panthers?
Cam: Okay...
Kid: And you can be my back-up?
Cam: Excuse me?
Kid: And make Panthers' fans forget about you?
Cam: What?
Kid: And become your mom's favorite player?
Cam: Whoa...

That's when the kid starts doing a windmill motion with his arm.

"I'm just loosening my arm."

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