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Speedway in Pinal County returns after 4 years

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The Central Arizona Raceway at the Pinal County Fairgrounds is back in business.

The speedway that closed in June 2008 re-opened this weekend by hosting races featuring IMCA modifieds, super stock cars and factory stock cars.

Because the season typically ends in late November, no more races are planned until January.

The Casa Grande Dispatch said Benji Lyons and Arthur Lacy had operated the raceway since 2005, running races every week in front of a loyal fan base.

But then the economy started going downhill and the county's operation of the fairgrounds changed.

Lyons and Lacy estimate they've put about $100,000 into replacing the sound and electrical systems, installing new seats in the grandstand, applying clay in an effort to get the track running right and other maintenance work.

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