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Thanksgiving Night Shopping: Did it hurt Black Friday turnout?

Stores that opened Thanksgiving Night to get a jump on holiday sales say thousands of shoppers showed up. Did it impact Black Friday? 

It depends on shoppers and what they wanted to buy.

Carmen Davis went to the Target near NorthLake Mall on Black Friday not Thanksgiving Night. She says "we were so exhausted and we didn't want to fight the crowds. We tried to do some shopping on line - had some glitches - so we decided to come on our lunch breaks".

Despite showing up 11 hours after the store opened, Davis says she found the electronics she wanted, including an iPad 2. She says showing up Thanksgiving Night wasn't worth it.

Ellen Howes didn't want to take any chances. She was at Target at 9:50p Thanksgiving because she wanted an Xbox 350. She got it. Could she have gotten it Black Friday? Howes says "I think they were about 20 of them so I don't know how quickly they went last night".

Howes believes Thanksgiving Night openings did impact Black Friday.

"Absolutely... lots of stores are not as busy as I remember them being on Friday. So yeah. I think it hurt", says Howes.

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