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Commonwealth Park neighborhood coming together to curb crime


People who live in one Charlotte community are seeing their efforts to fight crime finally pay off.

That includes getting an area motel that's caused trouble for years, bulldozed.

Tuesday, the county and city decided to partner to buy the Charlotte Inn.  

The city and county will pay $1.4 million dollars for the property. No word on when the sale could be complete but demolition is scheduled for the spring.

Earlier this year, Jason Van Buren began a petition to shut the inn down. Van Buren told WBTV in April police are at the Charlotte Inn several times a week. In August 2011, there was stabbing and a murder before that. Other neighbors complained of prostitution and drug deals. Van Buren vowed to not stop until the inn was scrapped.

Van Buren told WBTV by phone Friday the time and effort paid off.

He also says a neighborhood watch program is underway. Crime, he says, has been down and calls to police increased in the last six months.

Neighbor Jake Bracey said he is a block captain. He has already placed calls to police about suspicious activity and saw results.

"It's a great thing to know your neighbors and know that other people care and they want to make this neighborhood great and city great," Bracey said.

Bracey says it's truly a team effort - neighbors working with neighbors - everyone working with police.

He hopes he'll soon see the Charlotte Inn spot as greenspace - making Commonwealth Park a more kids and couple friendly community.

"We are definitely super's been a long time coming," Bracey said.

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