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Local ATV Dealer reacts to deadly accident


Tee Caldwell always preaches safety first when it comes to operating All Terrain Vehicles.

He recommends, "A helmet, eye protection, boots are bare minimum on any of these vehicles."

Caldwell is the general sales manager of Team Charlotte on Freedom Drive.

The business  has array of protective devices, which now includes collar braces similar to those used by Nascar drivers.

However, when there's a serious accident involving a child on and All Terrain Vehicle, he questions the motives of parents.

"A child shouldn't be on an ATV that's not an age appropriate ATV," he said.

In other words, pay attention to the detailed warnings.

Most vehicles have posted age requirements, and warnings stressing the fact that they're designed for one person at a time.

Most adult sized ATV's weigh somewhere between 500 and 800 pounds, but the risk is great for young riders.

"If they fall over in a ATV, the rider and the vehicle tend to stay together and they tend to roll with the vehicle, when that vehicle falls on top of them it tends to do crushing injuries."

Flashy advertisements celebrating this form of outdoor recreation can be found at Caldwell's dealership, but even with years of experience his feelings are strong.

"Parents have got to realize that these vehicles are not designed for youth's to be on period," he said.

His hope is that what leaves the showroom will keep people away from the emergency room.

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