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Good News Investigation: A Christmas light conundrum

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WBTV's own Jamie Boll had a real problem Wednesday morning. In a newsroom rant, he explained his frustrating plight with lights.

"Very first string of lights, my wife wants to put up something around the fireplace. Very first one I plug it in, nothing. Zip, zilch, nada," said Boll.

It's a problem millions of Americans deal with every year; Christmas lights that worked the year before, don't work anymore.

We took our concerns to WBTV's Chief Engineer Mike Gurthie. He explained the problem is likely in the wiring. "They're cheap to begin with," said Gurthie, "these are very weak wires and you crunch em up in the box." Gurthie explained that people just smash them into a storage container and put them away which likely damages wires and causes the entire strand to malfunction.

Check out the video to see the results of our investigation.

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