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New drug, "Dope on a Rope", possibly on the streets of Chambers County

In a News Leader 9 exclusive, we took a closer look at a new way drug users are making a drug similar to methamphetamine.  It's called "Dope on a Rope" and the Chambers County Drug Task Force says it's much more dangerous.

"I have never seen anything like it," said Investigator Stacy Shirey.

The Chambers County Drug Task Force is recognized as one of the best in the state for its successful war on meth.

Agents constantly track meth's key ingredient, pseudoephedrine - found in cold and sinus pills. To buy them you have to sign a pharmacy log and can face criminal charges for purchasing too much pseudoephedrine and be blocked from buying it.

Agents say they find the people buying too many pills, they normally find the labs or finished product.

When you go out and buy these pills, we know in a few minutes… how much you have purchased, your name your address.

But "Dope on a Rope" is a meth makers loop hole. It's a new way of making a crystallized drug that provides the same dangerous high as meth.

"No pseudoephedrine is required. There are no bread crumbs or trail to lead us like we have with the shake and bakes," explained Shirey.

But that does not scare investigators, "We are pretty smart and will figure out a way to go."

Agents explained "Dope on a Rope can be made by spending $35 dollars on household chemicals that are not regulated or tracked. The drug and labs have been seen on the west coast, but agents haven't found it in east Alabama, but they believe it's already here.

"We have recovered a couple of recipes for how to make it from different people. If it becomes a prominent way of manufacturing meth in this area, we will need a little time but we will find out ways to work it, ways to find it and ways to stop it," said Shirey.

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