Students at UNCC launch online push for better campus security after sex assault

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - A UNC Charlotte student has started an online petition that already has over 250 signatures after a reported sexual assault occurred in an academic building on campus during class times.

Student Patrick Tobin started the petition because he thinks security on campus is inadequate.

"Our biggest problem is that we do not think it wise for UNCC to borrow $40.5 million to build a football stadium (while hiking up our tuition to pay for it) yet we have no cameras, inadequate lighting, and a joke of a transportation service after the buses stop running," the petition states.

"As it currently stands, options for students to receive safe rides and proper escorts to their destination are limited, and exist only in locations that invite further attacks to happen."

WBTV spoke with Tobin in person on Wednesday. He said he has caught a lot of backlash for criticizing the way the University spends money, but that he isn't trying to create controversy. He just wants to see some positive changes.

"Our main goal with that is just to try to open up a dialogue between students and those in charge at school," said Tobin.

Read the petition here. The university responded to WBTV's request for comment on Tobin's petition.

"The University has heard concerns from members of our university community about campus safety in the wake of the recent report of a sexual assault, and we take these concerns very seriously," the university said in a statement. "Reported crime in virtually every category has decreased consistently in recent years and UNC Charlotte remains vigilant to opportunities to enhance campus safety and security."

The reported sexual assault happened around 5 p.m. in a heavily trafficked academic building.

The investigation is ongoing and no arrest have been made.

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