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Wal-Mart prepares for Black Friday as some workers threaten to walk out


Wal-Mart employees in the Charlotte region are preparing for what could be the busiest shopping day ever. The store will open at 8pm on Thanksgiving night and offer three waves of Black Friday deals.

The most popular time may be Thursday night from 10 to 11pm, when the retailer is offering an unprecedented guarantee on three hot-ticket items including an iPad 2 with a $75 gift card. Anyone in the store between 10 and 11 will be promised to get the deal, even if supplies run out.

"That's enticing," said shopper Jennifer Harper. "My daughter would probably love to have one of those iPads."

The only catch is that not everyone will walk out of the store with an iPad in hand. Once supplies run out, shoppers will have to use a gift card to cash in on the deal online.

As Black Friday shoppers plot their plans of attack, Wal-Mart is dealing with a tense situation involving some of its employees. Workers in several states including Maryland and California are planning to walk out on the job this Friday. They're upset over pay, health benefits, and what they call a "respect" issue.

Wal-Mart is currently seeking to block Black Friday protests and walk-outs through the legal system. It still isn't clear whether the company will be able to take action against protest planners.

Wal-mart spokeswoman LaToya Evans said the workers who plan to walk out only represent a few of the company's employees, most of which are happy to be working at Wal-Mart. She also said store associates who work on Thanksgiving will receive holiday pay plus three hot meals and a 20 percent discount on store items.

According to Evans, no Wal-Mart stores in the Charlotte region are expecting walk-outs or protests Black Friday.

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