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Educational Toys for Christmas?


Christmas is about a month away and parents are trying to find educational toys for their children.

"We like it to be of a learning experience for him." Grandparent Maria Pantori said.

That's important for moms and dads. They say this Christmas - move over electronic toys.

"There's too many electronics," Parent Teri Wooten said. "We certainly have our share of those - the Wii, the Ipad and all of that stuff. There is something magical - being imaginative to create something new."

Kelly Feher is the manager of Learning Express in Stonecrest Shopping Center. She picked out the hottest educational toys for this year. She claims kids won't mind if an educational toy is under the Christmas tree for them.

"I don't think they think of it that way," Feher said. "It looks fun. It is fun and they want it. So we hear a lot of - Put it on your list for Santa."

Feher says Boogie Boards are popular. That's a writing pad where kids can test their math, writing, and other skills. And with a push of a button it erases itself.

"It is a green toy," the manager said. "That you are saving on paper. It works for travel, scrap paper and keep the kids from stealing your computer paper."

Feher said telescopes and microscopes are also popular. Parents we talked to say they will get their children an educational toy this Christmas and they hope it will keep their kids attention for a long time.

"I definitely think it will be a thumbs up," Wooten said. "It may not stay up for a long period of time."

Most educational gifts could cost under $30. But the telescope and microscope could run about $100.

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