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Crimestoppers: Police arrest man wanted from grocery store robberies


A man featured in Crimestoppers for robbing a Harris Teeter on WT Harris Boulevard twice in three weeks was arrested by police Tuesday afternoon.

Andrew Clyburn, 42, was arrested wearing the same overalls he was seen wearing in the surveillance video from the grocery store.

There was a spate of Harris Teeter stickups earlier this summer up and down the I-77 corridor, from Rock Hill to Cornelius.

But those were violent robberies involving two armed men. In one store, they fired a bullet into the ceiling.

At 6:30 p.m. on October 18th, with families shopping for dinner at the Mallard Creek Harris Teeter, a man waited at the customer service counter.

Surveillance video shows him wearing overalls, a jacket and a long-bill hat. He's careful not to show his face to the camera.

When the clerk returns to the counter, the man hands her a note that said, "put everything in the drawer into a bag and you won't get hurt."

At that point, he sticks his hand in his jacket pocket and points something that looks very much like the outline of a gun barrel at her.

She complies, emptying the cash drawer to the tune of more than $14 hundred.

He then walks calmly out the front door. Once outside, he quickens his pace and runs to his gray van.

Clyburn robbed the same grocery store on Nov. 8, police said.

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