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Troopers target dangerous drivers this holiday week


Millions will be hitting the road for the Thanksgiving holiday this week. So what can you do to avoid getting pulled over?

WBTV discovered the Top 5 Driving "No-Nos" that the North Carolina Highway Patrol says will get you stopped and ticketed this week.

Number one on the list: don't be a super speeder.

"We're targeting more higher speeds than just one mile over the speed limit," said Trooper Eric Schwartz. "We're not worried about them as the ones going 15, 20 or more."

WBTV was with Schwartz as he stopped a driver going 20 over the speed limit on 485 Monday night.

Next on the list,  make sure everyone is wearing their seat belt.

"If you get in an accident and you get ejected, odds are you're not gonna live," he said. "If you have your seat belt on there's a very high probability you'll live if you get in an accident."

Troopers will also be on the hunt for drunk drivers -- and aggressive drivers.

"Tailgating, switching in and out of lanes without using your signal," said Schwartz. "That type of reckless driving is dangerous to you and other drivers." 

And be sure you're not texting and driving. If they see you -- they will stop you.

More than anything, Trooper Schwartz says they just want you to take your time and get to your loved ones safely.

"If you end up dead, you're not going to ever get there at all so it's better to just slow down and take your time," he said.

Troopers also say going more than 16 miles over the speed limit means a mandatory court appearance. Between the fines, court costs and lawyer fees, it can cost you hundreds of dollars.

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