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Red Cross workers back home; "bittersweet" leaving Sandy victims


It has been three weeks since Super Storm Sandy hit the northeast and parts of the area remain devastated.

Thousands of volunteers descended on the region to help.

WBTV was there as Red Cross workers from our area left out. Three workers from Lincoln County were among them. The trio returned home Saturday night clearly exhausted from three weeks of long hours and little sleep.

"At the end of it all you know you were there to help and make a difference in someone else's life," Lucia Corvino said.

"It's a feeling you did what you had to do and had to come home and take care of yourself but there's a certain abandonment feeling I guess because you know you're coming home to a warm safe place," Joe Corvino said. "And realistically not everyone has that," Lucia said.

For three weeks Joe and son Paul Stout hop scotched around New York and New Jersey - setting up shelters and handing out supplies.

"After what I saw I compare it to Katrina of the northeast..the media does the job of covering it but when you're walking around all those'll never be able to get the coverage of everything you see," Joe Corvino said.

"We saw all the houses that'd burned down and it look like somebody had dropped a bomb in that area," Stout added.

Daughter Lucia helped out at headquarters dispatching crews to different areas.

"Hearing stories...seeing what people have to go through when this thing's an eye opener," the 19-year-old college student said.

The three say they weren't able to see much media coverage of the aftermath..

The majority of their time was focused on what was in front of them.

But they plan to sit down and watch the televised specials of the event.

"You come home and your adrenaline slows down and you go through an array of emotions...a lot of those places I grew up in on the Jersey Shore and I know they're not there anymore," Corvino said.

The three are considering going back and say this experience reinforced their love to volunteer.

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