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Source: Meck. County Tax Assessor resigns over flawed revaluation process


Mecklenburg County Tax Assessor Garrett Alexander resigned Tuesday evening, around the same time the Board of County Commissioners received their final report on the 2011 revaluation.

Commissioners voted to delay any action on the report until Tuesday, November 27th. Several commissioners say they want to refund taxes to property owners. A refund is not guaranteed, and the North Carolina State Legislature would likely be involved.

Many Mecklenburg homeowners, and some commissioners, have been complaining that County Manager Harry Jones has been slow to acknowledge problems with the now infamous 2011 revaluation.

At first Jones did not want to hire an outside firm to audit the job, and now that the firm, Pearson's Appraisal Service, has found major mistakes in dozens of neighborhoods it sampled, Jones does not want to redo the revaluation.

Jones sent an email to commissioners, and in it, he does say that the county should "amend Pearson's...contract to identify all neighborhoods where there are major issues of inequity, and then "solicit bids to rework all {those} neighborhoods..."

But he apparently will not recommend a new revaluation, despite the fact that more commissioners and state lawmakers are calling for the county to do it over.

In an email to Jones, Commissioner Bill James says the problem is this:"public confidence in the County is at such a low point that many will be suspicious if existing county staff controls the "fixing" revaluation we will turn over to you...a system that was broken by you."

James' email to Jones goes on to say that "you and other members of management have been brought kicking and screaming to the revaluation correction table - opposing fixes along the way as unnecessary..."

James is saying that fixes from this group won't be good enough.

He thinks there will be a growing call for a redo performed by new appraisers.

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