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Volunteers deliver Thanksgiving Holiday Baskets


While most people are hitting the grocery stores shopping for last minute items for their Thanksgiving meals, about 50 families in the Charlotte area don't have to worry about buying food to cook on Thursday.

Volunteers showed up to help the Charlotte Rescue Mission pack and deliver Thanksgiving holiday baskets.

Reverend Tony Marciano of the Charlotte Rescue Mission says "it's more than a turkey. It's more than dry goods they're preparing. There's a whole lot of love that's gone into this and we want these folks to know we love them. God loves them".

Normally, the Rescue Mission serves hundreds of meals on Thanksgiving Day. This is the first time they're also delivering food baskets.

Rev. Marciano says "there are folks that maybe can't make it to the Rescue Mission that have the opportunity to have a memorable Thanksgiving Day at home and so we're providing that opportunity for them.

 Megan Glenn and her mother, Carol Murphy were among the volunteers lending a hand.

Megan says "we're blessed with what we have and I don't normally see people that are in need so it's kind of nice to do something and actually see what you're doing - rather than handing a twenty dollar bill and hoping it goes to somebody".

WBTV tagged along as Megan and Carol delivered baskets to 5 families in Charlotte. A mother and her 4 children were on their list. When the volunteers showed up, it wasn't the mother who answered the door. It turns out, the woman is in the hospital recovering.

Shirley, the woman's mother, is now stepping in to help so her grandchildren can celebrate Thanksgiving. She says her daughter is "progressing" and will likely miss Thanksgiving. "I'm just thankful - very thankful that somebody reached out to help and be a blessing to families in need", says Shirley.

The volunteers say the morning turned out to be more rewarding than expected.

Carol says "we have little struggles in life like everybody else. Just normal struggles. But I don't have to deal with any of the poverty, and the day to day struggles that these people do. And to go and see their smiling faces - thank you for helping me. Thank you for helping us".

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