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A look at Charlotte's Thanksgiving Day records


This year's Thanksgiving looks to be sunny and dry, with relatively warm temperatures with what we expect for late November.  However, that hasn't always been the case.  Here's a look at some of our Thanksgiving Day outliers.  

Thanksgiving Day 2002: 25° was reported at Charlotte Douglas Airport.  That day we only warmed into the lower 40s.  While this year's Turkey Day may not be a balmy 75°, we certainly can't complain.  Besides, 75° on Thanksgiving has never happened.  But one year, Charlotte came close.

We hit 74° on November 28, 1985.  That Thanksgiving was the warmest on record.  This year certainly won't be the warmest on record, but it hands-down will not be the wettest, either.

That honor goes to Thanksgiving 1983, when 1.68 inches of rain was dumped over the area.  While we'll give Mother Nature a break since it's a mostly indoor holiday, she definitely rained out many annual family football games that year.

Overall, this year's going to be a good one.  For the holiday, we get to stay dry and enjoy above normal temperatures.  That's definitely something to be thankful for!

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