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The Petraeus cat is out of the bag

Hello again everyone, it's Paul Cameron in the WBTV newsroom. 

Tonight at 5:00PM—the Petraeus cat is out of the bag.  The former CIA Chief testified behind closed doors he was certain the September 11th attack in Benghazi was terrorism and not reaction to a video.  So how did the CIA talking points become so adulterated that UN Ambassador Susan Rice told 5 Sunday talk shows the attack was a mob action?  This, my friends, is an example of information by committee—lots of committees from every intelligence faction in Washington.  Someone didn't want the truth revealed too soon.  The quest now is the find that someone. 

Better news for North Carolina's unemployment rate, but 18,000 jobs are about to be axed as Hostess, the company that bakes Twinkies and cup cakes, is closing its doors.  The CEO says he was done in by the baker's union.  He hopes the brands survive, but right now, there is no one in line to buy the company. 

Charlotte's no turkey when it comes to giving.  We featured a story about the Charlotte Rescue Mission's need for 500 turkeys to feed the hungry on Thanksgiving, and viewers responded in a way I know you'll want to hear about. 

Our consumer reporter, Kristen Miranda, tells us about the dangers of those little computer cameras.  They can open the door to your privacy. 

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