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Where to find the best weather for the Thanksgiving holiday


Some years we luck out; others we don't.  A rainy July 4th puts a damper on the celebrations.  A white Christmas just puts you in the holiday spirit.  Thanksgiving is probably a bit more forgiving.  After all, it is an indoor holiday.  Still, trudging through sludge from recent snow may not be the ideal way to greet the relatives. 

We checked the extended forecast and found out where the best weather looks to be setting up for the upcoming holiday.

If you're looking for warmth, south Florida is the way to go.  Next weekend's forecast for Miami looks terrific.  Highs in the 70s and only the slight chance of showers you'd expect any afternoon in that area.  That's still not warm enough?  Why not hop a flight to Hawaii?  Afternoon highs will hit the 80s.

Don't mind a chill in the air, but don't want to see rain?  You may not be able to avoid rain altogether, but the Southeast - particularly the deep South - looks to remain dry for Thanksgiving and through most of the holiday weekend. A stray shower may pop up late in the weekend, but highs should make it into the 60s.  Southern California is another option.  The rainy season hasn't begun yet, and chilly nights should turn into nice days.

Wouldn't mind seeing some snow?  Looks like most of the country will remain snow-free this Thanksgiving, but the Pacific Northwest will likely see some snow.  Higher elevations in Oregon and Washington and north into Canada are your best bets if you really want to see holiday snow.

Here in the Carolinas, most of us will be in the clear.  We're starting off cool, but warming up into the mid 60s Thanksgiving Day.  Black Friday shoppers will want to bundle up, though.  Overnight lows are expected to drop into the mid to upper 30s in the Piedmont.

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