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Activity at Broadwell home in Dillworth

Good Thursday, Maureen O'Boyle here in the WBTV newsroom where we're following some developing stories.

A man and woman spotted leaving the Broadwell home in Dillworth.  Paula Broadwell, a married mother of two is at the center of a national scandal involving former CIA Director General David Petraeus.  Our reporter is on scene and will have a live report.

Meanwhile lawmakers in Washington want to know how much the Obama administration knew about the attack on the US consulate in Libya and when exactly they knew it.  There were some tough words for President Obama.  Details at 5:00.

Investigators are on the scene of an early morning murder/suicide in Union County.  We'll have the latest.

And believe or not, seven days before Black Friday sales start, we found some shoppers already camping out for deals.  Where they are and WHY are they out so early?

We've cooled down quite a bit and clouds are moving in.  Eric Thomas will let us know if there is a chance for rain in your weekend forecast tonight at 5:00pm.

I hope you'll join Eric, Paul Cameron, me and the entire WBTV News team tonight for these stories and your best coverage of breaking news tonight at 5:00.

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