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Homeowners have new hope about revals


The firm hired to review Mecklenburg County's 2011 property revaluation told county commissioners Tuesday night that they found major problems with the job.  Now more commissioners, including Chair Harold Cogdell, are calling for a fix.

"That was encouraging," Cornelius resident Bob Deaton says.

Especially considering county officials had been standing behind their widely criticized revaluation for almost two years. Deaton has been fighting them all along.  But he says he left last night's meeting finally feeling heard. "They're beginning to acknowledge," he says. "And that's taken a lot of time."

Of course, the change in tune has a lot to do with Pearson's Appraisal Service.  The firm found serious problems with revaluations in neighborhood's like Deaton's, where massive new homes are nestled right next to older, small ones.

Deaton showed us his pretty but modest place in the Peninsula.  He says the county treated it as if it were a mansion. And after he appealed, officials only adjusted it slightly.

"You talk about a 2% reduction on almost a million dollar revaluation," Deaton says. "That's not very much money."

Last night reps from Pearson's agreed that the county should overhaul neighborhoods where major problems were found.  One issue…state law currently says counties can't change revaluations after the appeal process.  But Deaton says the county has been using that law as a crutch.

"I believe that if the county commissioners came to grips with it and said yes we have a faulty product, and we need to ask the state to grant us the privilege of redoing it, they could get that," he says.


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