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Elmwood Place residents speak out about speed cameras


Residents of Elmwood Place showed up for a council meeting Tuesday night to talk about two things; the speed trap cameras and whether the mayor should resign.

The issue of the robotic cameras clocking the speed of vehicles without being manned has created a lot of interest. The cameras are positioned on the main streets through the downtown area of the Village. The cameras record the speed then photograph and transmit pictures to authorities. Then authorities send tickets to the registered owner of the vehicle.

"I have never gotten a ticket in the mail and had it be mine just because my name's on the registration," said one woman. "How do they know that I was driving? What if it was my daughter or someone else?"

Another resident brought up the fact that the cameras are only located on Vine Street, which is the main drag through the village. "All the locals are just going on side streets around the cameras to avoid them," said one businessman. "Therefore, it's not serving any real purpose and it's taking business away from us because no one's driving past my shop."

Police Chief William Peskin and says the cameras are necessary because it frees up officers to do real policing, patrolling and being proactive rather than reactive. "When I started here we had nine full time officers," he said. "Now I'm the only one who is full time. I'd rather not have the ‘robo-cameras' as they are called and instead would like to have the nine officers back but, unfortunately, that's not possible."

There was no indication that the cameras are going to be removed any time soon.

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