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Preserving family photos before a storm


The day after Hurricane Sandy, you could see people in tears searching through muddied water, rescuing family memories.

"They are destroyed, completely destroyed," said one storm victim.

"If I could save them I would."

Photos scattered in debris far from the rooms where they hung.

"I'd like to find some photographs; I'd like to find for my children's sake my childhood photographs."

Some can be salvaged but some can't be restored.

"Nothing it's all gone!"

It's an unfortunate story that's heard time and time again.

"They either say I actually formatted my memory card or camera got stolen," said Bryan Crowell. with Best Buy.

"You hear some pretty horrible stories."

But a loss that can be prevented.

"Cloud is basically a place where you store information that's not on your actual computer," said Crowell.

The Cloud is an online service where photos can live forever.

"If you wanted to back up everything on a USB drive and a hard drive and keep it in a fire safe or in a bank safety deposit box," said Crowell.

"That would also help as well."

A USB is essentially like a normal hard drive that you plug into any computer.

It's also portable so you can take it anywhere.

Another option is scanning your old photos.

"It's fairly simple to use a lot of them have a scan button on them, any modern computer will have a scan to PC option," said Crowell

With just a click you see your irreplaceable life moments and in good times and in bad.

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