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Dilworth in National Spotlight During CIA Scandal

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When you talk to folks who live not far from Paul Broadwell, they describe she and her husband as likeable, outgoing, and ambitious.

One neighbor who didn't want to go on camera said the family is on quote a planned vacation, but their home here in Dilworth is catching part of the glow of an intense national spotlight.

Her home Charlotte's  Dilworth community is the city's most photographed house on this day.

A flurry of snap shot views have been focused on the two story brick structure.

Sarah Curme lives across the street.

"People all over Dilworth, all over Charlotte, all over the country do things that none of us know about, and this is some that just became very public," she said.

The public fallout from Washington which lead to an FBI investigation and the resignation of former CIA director General David Petraeus has in part landed on a street in Dilworth.

A note from Fed Ex is attached to the door, the family's vehicles are parked in the driveway and those who are curious drive by with a simple question.

Is that the house ?

Former Observer Editor Ed Williams has worked with the woman at the center of the storm on a project to assist wounded veterans.

"She's our neighbor and they're a good young couple," he said."I think if know her whole and as a full person, they'll understand that she did something that if she could take it back, I'm sure she would."


Perhaps it's the fascination with scandals that involve the power and famous that attracts strangers to an otherwise neighborhood.

Liz Kearley showed up with her camera, but she expressed a concern for the younger residents who live inside the home.

She said, " I don't think you can ever get used to it, and the bad thing to all this there are children involved, and also they're thrust into this kind of environment they don't need in."

The Broadwell's have been in touch with their neighbors but no word tonight regarding when they'll be returning.

Some of the neighbors here did express their concern about things like picking up their mail and making sure their home stays safe.

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