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Connecting the dots on Petraeus affair

Good morning on this Veterans Day! It's November 12. This is Christine Nelson sending you a quick email on the stories we're covering this morning. It's crunch time so I'll make this quick. Make sure you turn us on now to get all the details.

The affair of ex-CIA Director David Petraeus will be making headlines again this morning. There is another woman being named in the FBI probe and we found out what she reported to authorities that eventually led to Petraeus going public with his affair. WBTV's Cam Man Ron Lee has a live report from the Charlotte neighborhood where Broadwell resides.

Also, a North Carolina Department of Transportation worker is killed helping in the super storm Sandy clean up. We'll tell you what happened.

Here's a question: Is it too early to prepare your child for college if they're only in middle school? How it's paying off for some students!

WBTV's Astrid Martinez takes you inside a campaign that's making the holidays special for local children.

Plus, special tributes happening locally to honor service members on this Veterans Day!

See you on the air!


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