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Fibrant services back up in Salisbury at end of business Friday


Shortly before the end of business Friday, Fibrant services citywide in Salisbury were back up and running.

Services were down all day, citywide, angering customers who said repeated calls to Fibrant customer service were useless. Customers said the phones were answered by recordings of piano music - there was no person at the other end of the line.

In a posting on social media Friday morning, the company wrote: "Fibrant services are currently down. Crews have been working to restore service as quickly as possible. We apologize for the loss of service, thank you for your patience and expect to have service restored within the next two hours."

Later Friday morning, the city of Salisbury wrote: "Fibrant crews are continuing efforts to restore service. Additional work is required at this time. Full service restoration is expected by the end of the day. Updates will be posted on all our social media outlets (Facebook and Twitter) and will be listed on the City of Salisbury website at All Fibrant customers will be credited for loss of services."

Workers at the Checkered Flag restaurant in Salisbury noted that the restaurant had no phone, television, or internet, and did not have the ability to run credit and debit card purchases for customers. 

At 5:07 p.m., the City of Salisbury emailed the following statement from Fibrant General Manager Mike Jury:

"As the new General Manager of Fibrant, I will share with you that we have been working on two goals critical to our success. First is reducing cost. Through the hard work of our staff we have realized operational savings of up to $1M and have outlined an additional $1M of future savings as contracts come up. These are savings that do not impact the quality of service to our customers experience including reliability. More resources have been devoted to reliability specifically.

The second goal is improving reliability, and we have pinpointed our reliability issues to two sources.  First is the lack of a redundant connection.  This has been fixed.  Our backup connection is in and operational.  Last week our primary provider, Dukenet, had a series of planned maintenance outages.  Because of the redundant connection our customers saw no interruption in their services.

The second issue is the access gear that transmits the video, internet and phone signals from our facility to your house. That equipment has not performed as promised and has been the cause of outages, including today's.  We have been working with a new vendor to replace the underperforming gear which will harden our endpoints.  This process will begin next week. This will be a long-term decision, so it is important that the right decision is made accordingly. 

Just like we pinpointed and fixed the redundant connection issue, and have seen increased reliability from doing so, we will fix the second issue.

I know that this is an incredibly important project to all of our citizens, and that you care for this community and want to see Fibrant be successful.  Let me assure you that we are committed to Fibrant's success and will continue efforts in this regard. "

WBTV's David Whisenant is following up on this today. He will continue to update this story here as information becomes available.

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