Families shattered by deportation

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Isaide Serrano is a mother of five children, all U.S. citizens, with another baby on the way.

Serrano is a taxpayer and she is also one of millions who live in the U.S. without documents.

After living here for 21 years, Serrano faces deportation following a traffic stop in 2010.

She was arrested, instead of being ticketed, for failure to have a license and that's when Serrano's deportation process started.

Now the clock is ticking for Serrano.

She will face a judge November 299th, just one week after her she's expected to give birth.

She chokes up at the possibility of being torn away from her family.

Serrano is hoping now that President Obama has four more years in office, he will make changes to immigration policy.

The Latin American Coalition is expecting the President to deliver as well.

"The first time around in 2008, President Obama made the promise that he was going to tackle immigration reform during the first couple years of his presidency and that never happened," said Armando Bellmas. with LAC.

"So hopefully with four more years of President Obama that will get put back on the agenda."

To help Serrano Armando Bellmas with the Latin American Coalition is starting a community rally

"They can call ICE and ask for them to cancel Isaide's deportation order," said Bellmas.

"And folks can also join us at a rally for Isaide the day of her court."

If Serrano is separated from her children she would have to wait four years for her eldest daughter to turn 21 and petition for Serrano's to return.

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