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Criminal smashes window with a cinder block, steals gun

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A thief tosses a cinder block through a store window to get at a gun left on a desk early Friday morning.

It was supposed to be used fro protection, but it was also the one thing a criminal wanted.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police were called out to the 6100 block of the Brookshire Boulevard, after a reported robbery around 1:30.

Officers said an employee at Carolina Consolidated Services was working late, and had his handgun laying on a desk.

According to police, the set of offices where this business is located at is well traveled, and it appears obvious that somebody spotted the gun in the room.

Officers said the thief waited until the employee left the room, leaving his gun behind.

That's when the criminal struck.

The suspect threw a large cinder block through the plate glass window, shattering it into pieces.

He jumped through the window, grabbed the pistol, and disappeared out the way he came.

It was simple too fast for the employee to react according to officials.

Right now, the CMPD is searching for the crook, the employee wasn't hurt.

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