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Taxpayers voting to break up with Charlotte?


Taxpayers on the south side of town claim they are being left out.

"Lets get a level playing field," SMART Group leader Tim Timmerman said. "Let's get a city that really is all parts, instead of just uptown."

Timmerman is with the group called SMART (South Mecklenburg Alliance for Responsible Taxpayers). He believes city leaders are more interested in building up downtown than his part of town. He says there are roads in his community that need attention. The first one he would recommend to fix is Elm Lane.

"This is a dangerous road," Timmerman said. "We need some work done."

Mayor Anthony Foxx is coming to Ballantyne Thursday night for a town hall meeting. The mayor will share his vision for the city. He says it includes all communities being strong and vibrant.

People in the south part of the city pay lots of taxes and some feel they are not getting their money's worth. Timmerman thinks the city is using their tax money like an ATM.

"We've just been used and abused," Timmerman said. "All we are saying is stop."

The group SMART is interested in breaking up with Charlotte and creating their own town. That way people can decide how to use their tax dollars the way they want to. Timmerman wants taxpayers to vote on that and wants the mayor to give his input.

"Don't you think that South Charlotte has the chance to vote?" Timmerman said.

Timmerman said he has already talked to state lawmakers about what it would take to bring this issue up for a vote.

In the meantime many hope the Mayor will share a vision that includes everybody.

"His responsibility is to have that vision for everybody," Timmerman said. "Not just part."

The mayor has already had four town hall meetings, coming to Ballantyne makes his fifth.

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