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NC Prison guard accused of selling drugs to inmates


A North Carolina Department of Corrections Officer who worked at the close custody prison in Alexander County is now accused of bringing marijuana to the facility and selling it to inmates.

Desmond Hewitt, 23, resigned from his position on November 1, after investigators with the Alexander County Sheriff's office charged him with possession of a controlled substance inside the prison and distribution of a controlled substance in there too.

"These are very serious allegations, " said Alexander County Sheriff Chris Bowman. "It's rare when professionals go bad and it is sad when it does," he added.

Marijuana was found in the facility several weeks ago and investigators from the local sheriff's office were called in to investigate. "That is routine," said Chief Deputy Todd Jones. Investigators were able to trace the drugs back to Hewitt, said Jones.

Officials at the prison helped deputies in their investigation. "They gave 100 percent cooperation," said Jones.

When Hewitt was arrested he was still in uniform. In his mug shot, he is wearing a jacket with a prison guard badge emblem on it. He was released on a $5000 bond.

Bowman said it appears Hewitt may have been involved in bringing drugs into the facility for some time. "We are still investigating and it is possible there could be more charges and more arrests."

Bowman said he hopes the arrest doesn't put a cloud over all those who work at the close custody prison. "They're good people and shouldn't be looked down on because of one person, "he said. 

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