See, Click, Fix: Signs blocking each other on Charlotte road

A viewer named Lisa sent us a post on our See, Click, Fix page at, "Heading from Mt. Holly-Huntersville.... on Oakdale Rd the speed limit sign is blocked by a sign for traffic coming the opposite direction. One of the signs needs to be moved."

We got on the case checking this one out for Lisa. When we saw it for ourselves it left us scratching our heads too.

There's a "speed limit 45" sign for traffic coming around the curve. At a certain point it gets blocked by another sign, a yellow and black-striped caution sign for traffic coming in the opposite direction.

Should either of these signs be obstructed at any point for drivers?

WBTV's Christine Nelson notified the state office about the problem.

Within the hour officials let us know this is going to get fixed saying, "Charlotte (DOT) is going to handle moving the signs as needed so all are visible."

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