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A look at NC's evolving electorate

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One day after Election 2012, the debate about the future of North Carolina's voting tendencies has begun.

The state voted predominantly republican in the general election.

But at a post election briefing in Charlotte that was hosted by the Latin American Coalition, activists reviewing the data predict a change is coming to North Carolina. They say the Latino community will be a voting block with which politicians and policy makers will have to reckon.

Armando Bellmas of the Latin American Coalition says "it's more about making sure that whatever elected officials are in office - wherever they are - that they know the Latino vote matters - that Latinos cannot be ignored".

Nationally, a dominating percentage of Latinos voted for the President. In North Carolina, 68% of Latinos preferred the President.

Bellmas says "yesterday's election is a bit of a wake up call for all politicians and policy makers. It's no longer going to be business as usual for them - things are going to change".

Community organizers say the Latino population has grown significantly in this swing state, and now, thousands of young Latinos are coming of voting age. They say the economy is not the most important issue most Latinos worry about.

Bellmas says exit polls show "immigration matters to North Carolina Latino voters. That's going to be more important as we approach 2013 legislative session in North Carolina".

Dr. Joseph Ellis of Wingate University says while the state is changing, he believes the "first thing that all parties have to do is be a party that is representative of various ideas across all political spectrums".

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