Will "Mayor Pat" be as progressive as NC Governor?

Good afternoon on this post-election Wednesday, this is Maureen O'Boyle in the WBTV newsroom where we are working on your news for five o'clock.

Former Charlotte Mayor Pat McCrory now North Carolina's Governor-elect.  He held his first news conference today and our Steve Crump was there…he'll tell us if McCrory's progressive politics from years' past will carry over into the Governor's mansion.

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Many researchers hopeful that work in a North Carolina laboratory could be the key to helping older women conceive!  We'll tell you about breakthrough research that's working to grow new eggs from ovarian cells!

And Eric Thomas is tracking another nor'easter heading right for areas hit hard by Superstorm Sandy.  We'll look at what impact, if any, it could have on the Carolina coast.  And we're live where they're already calling for evacuations in the northeast.

I hope you'll join Paul Cameron, Eric, me and the entire WBTV news team for these stories and your best coverage of breaking news tonight at five!