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Cherryville names new City Manager weeks after police scandal


Weeks after a scandal hit the Cherryville Police Department, the city has a new City Manager, according to Cherryville Mayor Bob Austell.

The Mayor confirmed to WBTV on Wednesday morning Ben Blackburn will take over the position effective December 1, 2012.

"He [Blackburn] has the skills and ethics to build back public trust," Mayor Austell told WBTV Wednesday morning.

Scandal recently rocked the Cherryville Police Department, costing several people their jobs.

Three officers were hit with federal corruption charges after undercover FBI agents say they gave protection to trucks bringing shipments of stolen goods into the county in return for cash.

Those officers, Casey Crawford, Frankie Dellinger and Trey Mauney, were later fired from their jobs, according to documents obtained by WBTV News.

WBTV learned that dozens of criminal cases will be dismissed by the Gaston County District Attorney's Office because of the scandal.

59 charges will be voluntarily dismissed. The cases relied on testimony from officers who were arrested.

The dismissed charges include eight DWI cases, five drug-related charges, one larceny case, and multiple traffic violations.

Former Cherryville Police Chief Woody Burgess resigned from his position last week.

Blackburn is currently the Lowell City Manager, a position he has held for the last 10 years, but he is a Cherryville native.

The mayor says Blackburn was chosen unanimously by the council.

He will take over the duties that interim city manager Jeff Cash has been performing.

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