Students enact mock presidential debate

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Students, from freshmen to seniors, assumed the roles of the presidential candidates for a series of mock debates.

They debated their positions on the environment, economy, healthcare, education, and more.

Each candidate had two minutes to answer a question; the opposing candidates are allowed a one-minute rebuttal.

Students from the AP Environmental Science class studied the campaigns, candidates and issues for weeks.

"They had to research the position of their candidates and present that information back to their students," said Diana Schell the AP Environmental Science South Mecklenburg High School teacher.

Enacting debates has different result for students than just reading about the voting process in a book.

"I get to do a little bit of public speaking and learn a lot about the candidates' positions and I'm interested in that," said senior Zack Brown.

Junior Nathan Fisher said, "I learned that I also shared views with the libertarian platform but to a certain extent."

Besides learning about the candidates platforms, students were surprised to learn President Obama and Mitt Romney aren't the only people running for president.

"Before this I never knew Stein or Johnson, that they even existed or that they were running for president," said Fisher.

For 18 year-old Zack Brown the mock debate was more than an assignment.

"Now I'm like oh this makes sense after you research and look in depth into it," said Fisher.

"I'll be voting."

In the end, more than 1200 students voted.

Jill Stein won the first debate, President Obama two debates and Mitt Romany won one debate.

The students will also compile the results of their exit polls to get a sense of why the student body voted the way it did.

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