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Charlotte family burglarized, spied on through their attic


Charlotte Mecklenburg police are investigating after a family reported someone sneaking into their apartment, stealing from them and watching them sleep.

It's been a rough couple of months for Rachel Martin and her roommates.

"We wake up terrified," she said.

Martin said the burglaries started four months ago but the most recent incident happened Saturday.

"If someone would have been here the other night, we could be having a different conversation right now and that scares me to death," she said.

She says theirs isn't the only apartment targeted.

"The attic walls have been knocked down completely," she said. "If I wanted to go into the attic, I could go into any of the eight houses on this floor."

Martin said they filed a police report after lingerie and other items were taken.

"They'd show up missing and a few weeks later, they'd come back," she recalled.

Martin also said officers reported finding suspicious evidence in the attic.

"They found stolen cell phones and radio pieces out of cars," she said.

Kevyn Ebert, Martin's roommate, told WBTV he hasn't been sleeping well.

"Every noise you hear has you shooting up, 'oh crap they're back in my house'," he said. "Last night was the first time in my life I've actually had to sleep with a knife in my hand."

But the creepiest thing, said Martin is that she feels she's being watched.

"Taking pictures, watching me sleep," she said.

Both say they've gone to management and asked the attic walls get fixed.

The managers up here have told us time and time again we'll take care of it, we've handled it and nobody is doing anything," said Martin.

WBTV talked with the management office, which directed us to a corporate office in Tampa, FL. A spokesman emailed a statement:

Upon receipt of the initial notice from the resident, we immediately secured the attic access point from within the unit and encouraged the resident to contact law enforcement with their concerns.   The resident has subsequently contacted law enforcement and is currently cooperating with them in their investigation.


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