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One week in; local Red Cross volunteers reflect on Superstorm Sandy aftermath

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More than a million people in the Northeast are still without power a week after Sandy slammed into the coast.

But later this week things could be getting even worse.

A Nor'easter is expected to hit the same area as Sandy.

WBTV has been following a Lincoln County Red Cross family who was deployed to New York. Joe Corvino and son Paul have hopscotched around the state setting up shelters and handing out supplies. Corvino's daughter Lucia is stationed at the Red Cross headquarters.

"It's just horrendous..I've never seen anything like it in my life," Corvino said about the damage.

Sixty-two Red Cross volunteers from the Charlotte area have left home to help out. Even more are on standby.

Corvino says the days are long but the calm among the storm comes when he gets to share a cup of coffee with a client.

"They grab you, they hug you. Look we're just people helping people," Corvino said. "I worked with a woman last night..she was a 101 years old..just amazing...we've also got a family there is a slue of kids here as well."

Corvino calls mother nature's impending winter weather an "insult to injury."

But he says they are prepared. Corvino says he plans to in New York at least another week - longer it need be.

"If that's what the need is, that's what we'll do."

Corvino calls the operation by the American Red Cross a "well-oiled machine." He says he is blessed to be a part of the organization.

WBTV is teaming up with the American red Cross to make it easier for you to donate. 

All you have to do is text the word RED-CROSS to 90999 to make a ten dollar donation.

You an also donate online or by calling the Red Cross.

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