New polls released on race for president, governor in NC

As the Obama and Romney campaigns spreading out their resources in battleground states on the eve of Election Day, a new poll shows the two candidates are in a dead heat in North Carolina.

Public Policy Polling called over 900 likely voters. 49 percent were in favor of the president and 49 percent side with for Mitt Romney. This is the third straight PPP poll that has the two candidates tied in North Carolina. Another interesting note- Mitt Romney leads 55 to 40 percent among independents.

Meanwhile, another poll released Monday morning shows North Carolina Democrat, Lieutenant Governor Walter Dalton is closing in on Pat McCrory in the race for governor. Public Policy Polling has the former Charlotte Mayor with a 50 to 43 percent lead over Dalton. Four percent approve of Libertarian candidate Barbara Howe. But McCrory has a 58 to 29 percent advantage among independents and P-P-P finds the republican is winning 21 percent of the Democratic vote.
McCrory will campaign at Wingate University Monday afternoon, getting his final message out to voters. It is not clear if Walter Dalton will hold any campaign events in the Charlotte area.

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