Students hire life coaches to help with college

DAVIDSON, NC (WBTV) - This is Kelly Greene's last year attending Davidson Day School.

"I love high school," said Kelly.

"I'm going to cry so hard at graduation."

The 17-year-old has enjoyed high school.

But because she loves socializing staying focused at school is a challenge.

"I didn't realize I was slacking off that bad," said Kelly.

About a year ago,  Kelly's mother noticed.

"You focus on nothing but what's happening in that moment with your friends and you don't realize the consequences of the future," said Tana Greene.

Greene  took action and hired Kelly a life coach to get her ready for college.

"We really wanted someone to help her on those goals and responsibilities," said Greene.

"We are helping them prepare for careers. Ultimately some of those people will want to go to four year and advanced college degrees," said Bob Hendricks with Choice Point Achievements.

Hendricks teaches students to move beyond distractions and focus on their future.

"We help them in the area of time management, communications skills, goal settings, values and ethics development," said Hendricks.

This soon-to-be graduate is now looking to what's ahead

Her college days are just around the corner.

"I've actually narrowed it down to three colleges and I'm applying now," said Kelly.

The program works with students 13 to 18 through classroom participation and one-on-one coaching.

Students see a life coach three to four times a month

ChoicePoint is working with school systems across the state to possibly implement its program as a regular class period.

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