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Two 16 year olds jailed on armed robbery charges

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Two men are behind bars and two more say their lives were threatened during an armed robbery early Sunday morning, according to Salisbury Police.

Police responded to the call in the area of South Fulton and W. Innes Streets. The two victims were Mason Whitaker and his brother, Benton Whitaker, of Salisbury.

Mason Whitaker told police he was walking to go and meet his brother Benton at a friend's house in the area of S. Jackson and Fisher St. He was on the phone getting directions from his brother when he noticed the two men he had passed earlier walking with two women who had separated and were now walking towards him.

One of the suspects, wearing a black and gray striped jacket, approached him and asked for his cell phone. He told him he was using it and the suspect demanded the phone and if he did not give it to him he was going to be assaulted. 

The suspect then grabbed his arm to take the phone. In an exchange, one of the suspects told the other, who was wearing a red hooded sweatshirt, to" punch this guy and steal him."

Benton Whitaker heard the assault happening through the phone and ran from the friend's house to where the robbery was taking place. When the brother arrived he started yelling he was calling the police and they had better leave. One of the suspects told the other to give him his gun that he was going to kill them.  The suspect then walked to the other and took something from him and started to point it.  

The two victims then ran and called the police. The suspects were quickly taken into custody by Salisbury Police in the 900 block of W Horah St.

Tykilius A. Whisonant, 16, of 1614 Standish St apartment 8A, Salisbury, and Demmauelle T. Fincher, 16, of  602 Linn Lane, Salisbury, were arrested.

Both were charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon. They were placed in the Rowan County Detention Center under a $25,000 bond.  

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