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Woman gets life sentence for smothering elderly woman to death

Braquette Walton Braquette Walton
Pauline Cook Pauline Cook

A former assisted living home employee has been sentenced to life in prison after she smothered an 82-year-old woman who found out she was stealing her check and cashing them.

According to York County Solicitor Kevin Brackett, 30-year-old Braquette Walton was convicted on murder charges on Thursday and was sentenced to life in prison.

82-year-old Pauline Cook was found dead in her shower at the Oak Bridge Terrace Assisted Living Residences on the campus of the Park Pointe Village Assisted Living facility in November 2011.

Cook's family told WBTV last year that her body was "badly bruised."

According to a Rock Hill police report, officers were called to Park Pointe Village the day before Cook died, after Cook reported someone had stolen her checks.

Cook told police that she "received a print out of the checks that had been [cashed] over a period of time from her bank account with BB&T," the report states.

Officers say Cook noticed four checks that had been written did not match her signature, telling police the checks had been made out to Walton. The four checks totaled $1,280, the report states, and were written between October 12 and November 1.

Cook told the officers that the Walton had access to the residents' apartments.

Walton was not at work at the time that police took the complaint, the report states. She was later suspended from her job.

Investigators say Walton got a fellow worker to let her in the Rock Hill facility and killed Cook by smothering her. Prosecutors say she then put a shower cap on the victim's head and put her in the shower with the water running.

She was found by the nursing staff around 6:30 a.m., who attempted CPR and called for medical help, the police report states.

Cook's family has sued the assisted living home over her death.

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