See, Click, Fix: Enforcing rules for campaign and political signs

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - So here we are...less than a week before the election.

As overwhelming as it has been to watch all those political ads on TV, one viewer says the campaign and political signs on the side of the road have been just as annoying.

I had a conversation with Mike, who says one of those signs became a projectile in the wind and actually hit and damaged his car.

When he's been in contact with city officials in Charlotte he says it's a back and forth on who is responsible for making sure these signs are in the right spot in the right of way.

So we made some calls and found out some info for Mike:

It's all spelled out it Senate Bill 315, which established new rules for campaign signs:

1. Signs are not permitted in the right-of-way of a fully-controlled access highway (i.e. I-77, I-485)

2. They can't be closer than three feet from the edge of the road.

3. They can't obscure motorist visibility at an intersection, or obscure or replace another sign.

Who enforces these rules?:

Charlotte code enforcement is over sign ordinances but it's actually NCDOT who is enforcing the rules for campaign and political signs.

If you see any signs in violation you can call NCDOT at (704) 596-6900 and they should take care of it.

After next week's election, campaigns have 10 days to remove their signs from state roads.

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