Pineville man's journey from Wall Street to small business

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Despite views on the economy, a local business owner has a sunnier outlook.

It's a lot of smiling and being determined to succeed.

"It's a little bit of guerilla sales," said Kevin Connors.

"We're like come on over try a sample."

When the economy tanked in 2008, Conners, a former Wall Street broker, found the bright spots and downsized his approach to doing business.

"The cart was a good way to identify what sells and what doesn't," said Connors.

Instead of a store, Connors opened up this very small business importing high quality Spanish Food.

"I was very ok with starting very humble and small because when you make a mistake it's a lot less expensive," said the owner of A Taste for Life.

"So if I make a $1000 mistake I can recover from that."

Although it's small in size, this kiosk at Carolina Place Mall yields big profits.

Sales for Connors have tripled in the last year.

"If I had to pay $5000 a month for a store I'd probably have to sell some of my olive oil products for$30-$35, and you can come get it here for about $24."

As his business grows he's hoping to pass on more savings to his customers, while bringing in more cash to his bottom line.

"Our goal is to get more wholesale because we think we can become a much larger company at lower risk doing that," said Connors.

"Now maybe as the wholesale supplements the retail we can get a small store."

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